english-spanish-translation-proofreading-editingTranslations produced by Dinámico Translations are meticulously read, proofread and edited internally by a qualified translator/editor prior to completion at no additional charge. Upon request, we work with your internal staff in reviewing and editing the translation until reaching consensus on the final product.

Proofreading and editing services for documents from other sources are also available. This can include texts translated by an in-house staff member or other sources –we currently do not accept machine generated translations.

Proofreading and editing: is there a difference? While the proofreading process involves careful revision of a target text for grammar, syntax and spelling errors on the target text, the editing process takes it a step further. Editing involves looking at both the source and target texts to evaluate the quality of the translation in terms of context, consistency and terminology. Our linguists make the appropriate recommendations or implement changes to get the text to the highest level of accuracy and quality possible.