indira¡Hola! Me llamo Indira… and as founder, owner and language service provider, I would like to welcome you to Dinámico Translations. I founded the company several years ago and I’m thrilled to have grown the business to a reputable, reliable and trustworthy English/Spanish Language Service in San Diego.

Our name was inspired by our mission to provide translations that are accurate, powerful, natural, creative and effective. When you see the word Dinámico, what comes to mind? If it is not too obvious, dinámico is Spanish for dynamic. In the EN>ES translation world, this is considered a true cognate: a word with very similar spelling in both languages that mean the same thing (it doesn’t always work this way with cognates, but I will talk about that in an upcoming blog post!).

I have been in the language services field for way over a decade and have worked with individuals, healthcare and research organizations, public services, large and mid-sized corporations, and other entities seeking to ensure that their written communication with their customers, staff, clients and prospects (both here in the US and in Latin America) is of the same quality, reliability and effectiveness in Spanish as it is in English. You can read more about me and Dinámico Translations here.

If you have an upcoming project or single document that requires professional translation, I look forward to being of service to you! Please contact us or submit a request for quotation.

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