Quality Equals Credibility

dreamstimemedium_54968785How important is getting the translation right? In extreme cases, a lawsuit can ensue over an inaccurate use of terms, context or meaning. In other cases, the company or organization can lose credibility resulting in lower profit, loss of customers and potentially expensive reparations.

Quality equals credibility and this all translates into value.

Every company working with the Spanish-speaking community should understand the importance of having their communications professionally translated to consistently produce context-appropriate texts that are well written and serve the intended purpose. Many times, in-house solutions, though seemingly an inexpensive option at the start, are ineffective and can end up being more costly in the long run. The same applies to relying on automated translations.

Why hire a professional translator? Here are two main reasons:

  1. Bilingualism is not enough. Just as being able to speak and write English does not make you a writer, being able to speak another language does not make you a translator. Bilinguals may speak two languages fluently, but may lack the skills and experience to transpose information between the two, particularly in writing. Professional translators accurately dissect a source text and carefully identify its meanings and intricacies, and transpose it into meaningful text in the target language so that the end product reads as if it was originally written in that language.
  2. Automated translations are not equal to human translations. While automated translation has come a long way and is helpful in getting the gist of simple texts, they are just word-for-word translations of text that lack content, sense or intent. Translation of just words versus the entire context/meaning is a potential for disaster. Misleading or ambiguous translations can potentially have serious consequences such as loss of credibility, damage of image, failure to reach the intended audience, lawsuits, etc.

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